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Auto Mayors August 3, 2017 Meeting: NAFTA

Auto Mayors Meeting: NAFTA


Panel Presentations and Moderated Q and A

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August 3, 2017


  • Mayor Rob Burton, Town of Oakville, Chair of Auto Mayors - Auto Mayors: Protecting the Auto Sector and the Next Steps and Action Items
  • Philip English, Co-Chairman, Government Relations Practice Group, Arent Fox LLP - NAFTA from a U.S. Perspective
  • Dr. John Holmes, Queen’s University - NAFTA from a Canadian Perspective
  • Dr. Grieg Mordue, Associate Professor/Arcelor Mittal Chair in Advanced Manufacturing Policy, McMaster University - Moderated Q and A
Auto Mayors April 25, 2016 Meeting

Ontario Auto Mayors Meeting


Call for Action, Policy Direction, Automotive Advisor Update and Mayors Roundtable Discussion
2016 Priorities

Canadian Auto Industry Issues:
Caroline Hughes
Vice President, Government Relations

April 25, 2016

Three Key Messages

  • The automotive industry is important to our communities.
  • We need to act now to improve our competitive position.
  • If we don't act, we risk losing existing and future investment and jobs.
Auto Mayors Roundtable Website Presentation

Ontario Auto Mayors & Industry Stakeholders Summit

Auto Mayors Roundtable Website Presentation


Auto Mayors agreed to implement the eight recommendations presented at the June 16th summit.

June 16, 2014

Panel Presentation

  • Charlotte Yates, McMaster
  • Grieg Mordue, Toyota
  • Ray Byers, Government Initiatives, Wayne County, MI
  • John Holmes, Queens University
  • Tod Rutherford, University of Syracuse
Auto Mayors Roundtable Master Presentation

The Auto Industry: Driving Canada's Economy

Auto Mayors' Roundtable Master Presentation

Based on data that Ontario automotive manufacturing investment is stagnant while worldwide demand and capacity is growing, our objectives are to:

  • Improve the knowledge and tools to make real change to stimulate further sector development
  • Provide a catalyst to improve the general perception of the sector as a current and future keystone of economic prosperity in the province of Ontario

October 25, 2013

Canada/Ontario will need to be vigilant to remain competitive on a global scale by recognizing and responding to the aggressive investment programs in competing jurisdictions in North American and globally.

  • Seek to eliminate unnecessary regulatory burden and costs.
  • Regulatory harmonization and border efficiencies.
  • Establish mutually supportive trade and industrial policies.
Mark A. Nantais, President
Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers' Association (CVMA)
A Call For Action: II

A Call For Action: II

A Report by the Manufacturing Competitiveness Committee of the CAPC

Ten years ago, CAPC established its vision as the following: "To be the location of choice for automotive manufacturing within North America, driven by globally competitive innovation in a profitable and growing new-vehicle market." Then, as now, governments around the world recognized that automotive production can act as a catalyst for rapid economic development. As a result, governments compete vigorously with a wide variety of public policy tools to attract and retain automotive production footprints.


The Council is a unique and valuable forum where firms who compete daily in the marketplace set aside their competing interests to come together with labour, researchers and governments to collaborate in the best interests of the industry as a whole. This report is an example of that collaboration as it was developed through a process of analysis and discussion among CAPC members. Manufacturing Competitiveness Committee
Canadian Automotive Partnership Council
Ontario Made

Ontario Made

Ontario Made Rethinking Manufacturing in the 21st Century

The purpose of this summary brief is to describe the current state of the manufacturing sector in Ontario, to explain why it has been experiencing challenges and to outline a strategy for renewal. To do so, we need a clear understanding of why Ontario has experienced job losses and where manufacturing is headed globally.

February 2014

This summary report provides an overview of a longer, one year research effort on the future of the manufacturing sector in Ontario. Mowat Centre
Ontario's Voice on Public Policy